Who is this guy?!

That’s probably why you clicked on the link, right? Well thank you for clicking; I’ll do my best to tell you quickly…

Born & raised in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood on the South Side, I started my real estate career in the early 90s when I received a Monopoly board game as a gift. Who knew that buying and selling those “streets” would be SO much fun?? I would play as often as I could, and learn the different strategies of my opponents. Fast forward to 2004, and after studying “real” estate as much as I thought I could, I bought my first property not far from where I grew up. The following year, I earned my real estate license and made a decision that to help other Monopoly fans achieve their goals as well.

My mantra has always been, “do the right things, and the right things will happen.” By doing the right things for my clients – being friendly, knowledgeable and responsive, I look to earn repeat business and enthusiastic referrals. I fully understand the stresses and hassles of buying, selling and renting real estate, and the bad words we say during the process. My goal is to alleviate those concerns for my clients and keep the F-Bombs to a minimum. Whether buying, selling, or building your investment portfolio, I have the experience and expertise to show you how to win in the real life game of Monopoly. I look forward to helping you “Pass Go,” and achieve the dreams that I have helped so many clients achieve before.